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Forum 2000 
'When I became President I began, for understandable reasons, to travel all around the globe. According to the constitution the President represents the state abroad. I have traveled through fifty, perhaps eighty countries on every continent and in all of these countries I have met the new faces of today's civilization and all the problems that I knew from literature and wise books unexpectedly opened to me as if in a new, multi-dimensional life time. I have said again and again how it would be good if intelligent people, not only from the various ends of the earth, different continents, different cultures, from civilization's religious circles, but also from different disciplines of Human knowledge could come together somewhere in calm discussion.'
Vaclav Havel, former President of the Czech Republic

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Editor´s comment

The first Forum 2000 conference was held at Prague Castle in September 1997. Since then, on the initiative of President Václav Havel and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel, conferences have been held annually at which leading representatives of world religions, world-renowned politicians, scientists, writers and artists have discussed many major issues of the moment. They have reflected on the state of the world at the turn of the twentieth-first century and discussed the coexistence of different civilisations, traditions and religions at a time of increasing globalisation.