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The Face of our Country 
The Face of our Country - official website
Editor´s comment

Throughout his period in presidency, Vaclav Havel showed particular interest in the issues surrounding the environment and landscape conservation. He took advantage of any opportunity to promote ideas on curing the acute and chronic ills of our countryside, particularly in his speeches, his meetings with prominent people and politicians, his direct contacts with conservationists, environmentalists and representatives of non-governmental organizations as well as in his discussions with mayors. His most important initiatives involving landscape conservation include the multidisciplinary conference entitled „The Face of our Country“, which was first held in February 2001 in Pruhonice. The idea of arranging a nationwide forum to turn society's attention towards the space that surrounds us and care for the landscape and human settlements was raised by Vaclav Havel in connection with discussions over the causes of the floods which hit Moravia in 1997. In February 1998, the „Kromeriz 98“ seminar was held on the initiative and under the patronage of Vaclav Havel. This was followed in 2001 by the „Face of our Country“ conference in Pruhonice, which raised a number of other more general issues: the countryside as a social space, man as a landscape-forming agent, the landscape as a cultural space, landscape conservation and rehabilitation and so forth. The success of the first conference demonstrated the viability of the idea behind this first multidisciplinary forum. The second annual „Face of our Country“ conference took place in October 2002 and the third one in March 2005.